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Veritastopics is TARGETED BIBLE COURSES built for busy people. 
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You became a Christian, and you got thrown to the wolves. Nobody ever took the time to make either your salvation or your Christian life crystal clear. In this course... [more]
If you go back a generation in the church, there was a whole lot of teaching on the second coming. Second Coming Mania was in the air.
 But the church went silent on the topic. Now, you can... [more]
In the fall of 2020, at the height of the Coronavirus Pandemic, Pathway Church in Redding, CA embarked on a bold initiative. We mashed together APOLOGETICS and EVANGELISM.[more]
You have been told you can't lose your salvation... But then, a legalistic friend throws some really harsh Bible verses in your face. In this FREE webinar we explore the top Dirty Dozen verses... [more]
The book of Romans has launched revivals, triggered Reformations, "strangely warmed" hearts, and has served as God's Sword to slice and dice the devils lies more than any other book in the Bible. Are you ready... [more]
"Thank You for offering this class. I'm loving it." ~Bill P.

"I entered Veritas scared and honestly clueless. Thanks to Bill he breaks it down to allow a novice like me to learn. He makes it fun and exciting."
~Charlene S.

"The experience has been great. The mechanics you have arranged are excellent." ~Steve R.

"I am eternally grateful for Veritas..." ~Nadine B.

PROVIDENCE is the biblical discussion of how an eternal God relates to our everyday existence. What about evil? What about sin? How does God's sovereignty relate to our FREE WILL? This course is FREE with your two week trial enrollment.  [more]
GRILL BILL is a Q&A message series. Each message contains 3-5 answers to questions submitted by the people of Pathway Church. This is a FREE course.  Questions range from the age of the earth, to the role of angels in our lives, to Bible translations and more...  [more]
"My experience so far has been overwhelmingly wonderful. I am excited about the process and the tools we are equipping ourselves with. The work is challenging but rewarding." ~Mindy D.

"I have genuinely loved the experience so far getting to dive deep into scripture with others." ~Samuel K.

"I hope that I can become a blessing to the brothers and sisters with whom I am running the race by growing in knowledge and understanding." ~Joshua H.

"I have LOVED my Veritas experience..." ~Laurel K.

SEMINARY FOR THE REST OF US! Most people learn the Bible in scraps, like pieces of a puzzle without a box top. We help provide the box top. How does everything fit together? Let's discover that together... [more]
HEADLINE: "America seems to be in the midst of a full-blown panic attack. Is there anything we can do about it?" (The New Republic, 2019). Well, yes, as Christians, we believe there is plenty we can do about it! In this FREE COURSE, we will see how God has given us his Word and his Spirit, and the lost art of Biblical Christian Meditation... [more]
ANY PASTOR WHO WANTS TO MAKE THEIR CHURCH FEEL GUILTY only has to talk about the importance of prayer. Most Christians have a lame prayer life. But Jesus taught a open un-secret way to add meaning and power to your prayers... [more]
On a global scale, we are witnessing what happens when humankind throws off the authority of God. A powerful organization called the World Economic Forum has called for an intentional transformation of society. They call it the Great Reset. They are calling for... [more]

 Please check back again soon for our growing library of topics.


"Veritas has surpassed my expectations.. I have grown to have a deeper relationship with my Lord..."
~Heather B.

"Amazing. Better than I could have imagined, because I feel like I actually understand. I enrolled in Veritas to help me become a more confident and better leader in the High School Ministry..." ~Sheila P.

"I have learned a to in a very short time.. In the very first class I knew it was a great idea that I had enrolled..." ~John G.

> You can become confident in interpreting the Bible...
> You can grow STRONGER in your faith... 
> You can discover the Big Picture of God's GRACE and TRUTH...
> You can boost your life-mission to the next level... biblical topic at a time.
A message from Dr. Bill Giovannetti
My name is Bill. I am a pastor, author, and professor. I love seeing God's people really learn the Bible, but was discouraged by a surprising indifference to the church's epidemic biblical illiteracy. So I created a user-friendly theological school that equips everyday Christians to go deep in Scripture so they can change their world. [more]
In that day the Lord of hosts will be
For a crown of glory and a diadem of beauty
To the remnant of His people...

Be the Remnant.