Am I ready to meet my Maker?
You couldn't lose it if you tried...
The devil's trifecta. He screws insecurities to your back like a handle, and grabs it at will to slam you around. 

Doubts about your salvation make you spiritually weak and depressed. They make you question God's love and pressure yourself to earn God's favor.

The truth is God does not take a "scared straight" approach to your life.

In God's plan, eternal salvation is not about you keeping your fingers crossed and hoping for the best. It's not a "hope so" proposition... it's a KNOW SO  proposition. 

In this course, you will learn how to out-lawyer that old, diabolical "accuser" of your soul. 

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  • Module 1 / The Case for Eternal Security
    Four attributes of God... Twelve reasons... dozens of Scriptures...
    42 minute video, downloadable manuscript
  • Module 2 / Answering the Top Twelve Verses Against Eternal Security
    Interpreting each object in context....
    One hour video, downloadable chart
  • Module 3 / No Condemnation - The Pressure's Off
    An in-depth study of Romans 8:1 and it's astounding implications
    45 minute video, 9 page manusript
  • Module  4 / The Security Breakthrough
    How Security with God creates security in every aspect of life. Excellent for youth and young adults
    42 minute video, 9 page manuscript
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Our mini-course on ETERNAL SECURITY
Module 1 |  Making the Case for Eternal Security (video plus downloadable)
Module 2 | Answering Objections to Eternal Security (video plus downloadable chart)
Module 3 | No Condemnation (video plus 9 page manuscript)
Module 4 | The Security Breakthrough (video plus 9 page manuscript) 
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