If you're tired of learning the Bible in bits and pieces...
"When anyone understands this Epistle, he has a passage-way opened to him to the understanding of the whole Scripture."
"The Cathedral of the Christian faith."
"The chief book of the New Testament, the purest gospel."
"The most profound work in existence."
In 2013, I began a sermon series on the incredible Book of Romans. I called it The Theory of Everything (TTOE). I chose this name because every major teaching in the Bible finds a home in Romans. It ended up lasting for 67 messages spread out from late 2013 to early 2016.

Here, gathered all together, are those resources: print, audio, and video. The printed notes alone would encompass over 210,000 words. That's the equivalent of a six-volume commentary.

Please note that my printed sermon notes are only lightly edited, and that these materials were developed for pulpit preaching rather than for publication. Kindly forgive any errors or typos.

This study was life-changing for me. I hope it is for you too. May we all drink deeply from this world-changing book, penned by the Apostle Paul to the Romans.

In His Matchless Grace,
Bill Giovannetti
"Every great spiritual revival in the church will be connected as effect and cause with a deeper understanding of Romans."
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