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Why do bad things happen to good people, and good things happen to bad people?
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• If God is in control, why do things seem so out of control?
• Why didn't God answer my prayers?
• Is free-will real or is it an illusion?
• Why do the wicked prosper?
• Why doesn't God stop my pain?
• What does the Bible say about luck, karma, and chance?
• If God can stop evil, why doesn't he?
• Are we pawns of a God who doesn't care?
• Is the universe drifting along, unpredictable and random?
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  • Syllabus with assignments and readings (at Veritas, all assignments and readings are optional)
  • Two sessions of deep yet easy to follow lecture and discussion with motivated fellow students
  • Each session offers 2 hours of engaging, theological, and relevant teaching
  • Final paper graded by your professor with helpful comments (no pressure, though, because all our grades are Complete or Incomplete)
  • BONUS 1- Immediate access to our simple and fun 101 BASICS CLASS. This is a quick intro to Disipleship along our exclusive Grace Pathway.
  • BONUS 2 - "Answering the Top Twelve Verses that Challenge Eternal Security." Immediate access to this high level webinar...
  • BONUS 3 - "My Freedom and God's Will." Immediate access to this theological look at how e make decisions, and exercise our freedom in light of God's Sovereign Will.
  • BONUS 4 - "Ask Me Anything." A wide ranging theological conversation between Bill Giovannetti and the students of Veritas School of Biblical Ministry.
Veritas has surpassed my expectations, both in the level and quality of the material but the experience of growing with like minded individuals as well as getting to see your heart has been a true blessing The grace that is offered in getting the assignments done has been the best part because I do live such a busy life and haven't been in school for 36 years. ~Heather

I entered Veritas scared and honestly clueless. Thanks to Bill he breaks it down to allow a novice like me to learn. He makes it fun and exciting. I look forward to each new chapter and growth. I especially appreciate the fact that I can be enrolled in Veritas in "audit" mode!! THAT was the biggest draw of all, for me. I desired the education, but did NOT desire to write any more papers. ~Jason

My experience has been overwhelmingly wonderful. I am excited about the process and the tools we are equipping ourselves with. The work is challenging but rewarding. ~Mindy

Enroll today and pay nothing...
14 Day Free Trial Enrollment

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