If you're tired of learning the Bible in bits and pieces...
The Running Start You Should Have Had...
You became a Christian, and you got thrown to the wolves. Nobody ever took the time to make either your salvation or your Christian life crystal clear. 
They told you to be a good Christian.
They told you to stop sinning.
They told you to get involved, to volunteer, and to be active in the church.
But they never told you how or why to do all these things.
Worst of all, they never taught you how to obtain the power of God to do all these things.
In other words, the house, your faith is built on a foundation of shifting sand.

It's time to change all that.

If being a Christian wears you out, this course is for you!
  • RETURN to the beginning. Really get clear on the Gospel of Grace and exactly what salvation means... maybe for the first time ever!
  • INSTALL the Grace OS (Grace Operating System). Odds are super-strong you are doing your Christianity BACKWARDS. Here's a simple test to find out. Ask yourself how do these ideas sit with you: 
    • As Christians, we don't serve God for blessing, we can only serve God from blessing. 
    • God is glorified by what he does for you, not by what you do for him. 
    • When it comes to "commitment," the most important thing is that God is infinitely more committed to you than you will ever be to him, and he's good with that!
    • You are so permanently saved that even if you committed some juicy, heinous sin, God's love for you wouldn't even flicker. 
    If any of those statements bugs you, confuses you, or makes you mad, you might have a case of GDD (Grace Deficit Disorder)!
    It's time to install the GRACE OS stat!

  • REHAB the lies that slithered into your Christian life and are still lurking there. Since your salvation, have you ever done a systematic truth overhaul of what you believe? Do you even know the basic doctrines...
    • of the Cross?
    • of God?
    • of what Christians believe? 
  • IMPACT your world with GRACE and TRUTH. You've heard the cliché till you're tired of it... You've gotta walk your talk. Great. How exactly do you do that? Or, to put in theological terms... what is sanctification and how does it work? Not only that...
    • Have you ever been equipped for a lifetime of service based on your spiritual gifts? 
    • Can you defend your faith, even a little? 
    Then this module is for you. 
Welcome to our exclusive, complete, crystal clear, grace-based DISCIPLESHIP JOURNEY...
The Grace Pathway
Here's what you'll get today...
  • What is the Grace Pathway? (video, 42 minutes)
  • Discover theology behind this revolutionary approach to discipleship.
  • The beginning of all theology is salvation. We cannot truly know God if we are alienated from him.

    That's why the first milestone on the Grace Pathway is GOD SAVES YOU.

  • VIDEO: "I'm Too [ NOT INTERESTED] for Faith" (42 minutes)
  • DOWNLOAD the booklet, Welcome to God's Family (included), for a review of the gospel and the nature of God's salvation.
    This booklet offers a basic overview of the gospel and of salvation.
  • The second milestone on the Grace Pathway is God Blesses You. This is the most important milestone, if you want to install GRACE as the operating system of your Christian life.
  • VIDEO: "Standing and State" (41 minutes)
  • DOWNLOAD three books (included). The three booklets in this module will give you a powerful shove in the direction of a grace-filled, God-blessed, well-grounded faith.
  • Spiritual growth is the most important work of God in the heart of a child of God. The OUTFLOW of Christian Growth is Christian Service. To serve God without growing in grace is to wear yourself out.

    But, when you put yourself on a pathway of spiritual growth, you become a mature believer in Christ. It is your maturity that enables you to serve God best. It is your maturity that gives meaning and value to your life of "good works."

  • VIDEO: "Grace and Growth" (41 minutes)
  • DOWNLOAD three books (included). 
    Knowing God - this book introduces you to 5 attributes (qualities) of God and how they affect your life.
    The Cross - this book explores the meaning of Jesus' death on the cross, covering 6 essential doctrines of the salvation.
    Know What You Believe - this book offers an overview of the 13 most important doctrines of Christianity.
Module 4: GOD USES YOU
  • The end result of our salvation is the discovery of our identity and riches in Christ. The end result of our discovery and riches in Christ is a pathway of spiritual growth. The end result of a pathway of spiritual growth is a lifetime of service to God and the world, that all the world may come to find the treasure we found when we found salvation in Christ. And so it begins again.

    Milestone 4 of the Grace Pathway is God Uses You. He makes your life significant for eternity. Your unique package of gifts and strengths makes you a powerful contributor to the family of faith.

  • VIDEO: "You Are God's Coming Attraction" (40 minutes)
  • DOWNLOAD two books (included). 
    Living and Sharing Your Faith - this book introduces you to sanctification (walking your talk) and evangelism (talking your walk)
    Illusions - An apologetics book, preparing you to defend your faith
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