066 Linking In and Linking Out

Linking In and Out: Telling Bible Stories in a Powerful and Meaningful Way


A believer's way of life is sharing the goodness of God by sharing His word. But how do we approach unbelievers and share with them God's word in a way with which they can relate?

In wanting to achieve a bigger gospel impact in one's ministry, it's essential to share God's word in such a way that it can touch people's hearts and inspire change, action, and willingness to submit one's life to the Lord Jesus Christ.

In today's episode, we're going after a bigger ministry impact and I share with you an efficient technique in sharing Bible stories to both old and young. Help people find and follow God, listen to this episode and pick up these valuable lessons that will help you create a bigger impact in your ministry. Enjoy!

If you have faith in a big and giant God, every other giant in your life looks like a mouse and God's about to spring a trap on them.

Episode Highlights:

1. Introduction [0:00]
2. What is our topic for today? [3:30]
3. Bill gives an example of linking out and linking in [4:29]
4. How do you link in? [8:01]
5. How do you link out? [8:04]
6. Linking out to the life of the listener [8:53]
7. Linking back in and involving the listener in the Bible story [9:20]
8. Recap of linking in and linking out [13:51]
9. Why is it important to link in and link out? [16:40]
10. What you should go after when you link out to your listeners [17:34]

Biblical References:

● 1 Samuel 17
● Hebrews 13:9

About Our Host:

Dr. Bill Giovannetti is the Senior Pastor of Pathway Church in Redding, California and the founder of Veritas School of Biblical Ministry, offering online theological training for everyday Christians. Bill has always had a passion to bring the deep things of God's Word to the everyday people of God


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