VER-it-tas > Latin. "Ultimate reality and truth."

Veritas School helps you become an awesome worker for Christ.

Gain FREE Access to all the theological courses in our carefully sequenced Master of Ministry Certification program now – designed with volunteers in mind.

Whether you are scrambling to put together Bible lessons for hundreds of adults, leading a youth group or small group, or simply sharing God's Word with a handful of children, you will have 30 days unlimited access to 12 core theology courses, 4 topical webinars, 10 digital books, 40+ videos, 300 pages of downloadable notes, a dozen bonus lessons and more... that will propel your service for Christ beyond what you ever dreamed.

    Most Christian workers are "thrown" into ministry without training.
    With Veritas, you will be guided step by step through all the learning you need to interpret and deliver God's Word with power and grace. 
    Most Christian workers learn the Bible in bits and pieces, like getting a jumble of puzzle pieces.
    With Veritas, our Theology Courses will give you the box top so you can put it all together.
    Most Christian workers are never guided in their ministry roles.
    With Veritas, you'll enjoy direct access to your professor/pastor for questions, guidance, and encouragement so you never feel lost or overwhelmed. 
    Most Christian workers stumble their way into teaching and speaking.
    With Veritas, you'll discover simple techniques to craft and deliver talks, messages, and even sermons with new-found clarity and power. 
    Most Christian workers find Bible study resources to be disorganized and overwhelming.
    With Veritas, we'll guide you into what books to get and how to use them AND we'll supply you with clear, concise downloadable notes every step of the way... on every major topic of theology and ministry leadership. 

First month free... then $84 per month for as long as you remain enrolled. Withdraw any time. 

Enjoy a BIGGER impact for Christ and the Gospel.
Gain a BETTER skills to interpret and teach the Bible.
Find a DEEPER relationship with God .
How will you feel a short time from now when a friend asks a spiritual question, and your answer displays a wisdom that surprises even yourself? 
Kind words from actual students...
Sheila - high school ministry volunteer
"Amazing! Better than I could have imagined because I feel like I actually understand."
Dave - water resources empoloyee
"If you're interested in learning an effective, systematic way to dive deeper into the Bible with confidence, start here."
Betty - homemaker/church volunteer
"Dr Bill's ability to organize and convey a huge amount of information in a short period of time is seriously impressive."
Sam - administrative assistant
My experience so far has been overwhelmingly wonderful. I am excited about the process and the tools we are equipping ourselves with. The work is challenging but rewarding.
Kevin - civil engineer
"I want to thank you for your teaching style, and the class!! I look forward to each new next class. Addiction!" 
Amanda - homeschool mom
"All I can say is, WOW! I am excited to learn these tools to systematically interpret parts of the Bible! Even just researching the meaning of one word is going to open my eyes and heart to so much." 
Say Hi to Your Future Self...
  • You are confident and at peace in a deepening walk with God.
  • Your family and friends see the love and courage of Christ shining through you. They say something's different. God's truth is bringing wholeness and transformation to the deepest part of your soul.
  • You are a key volunteer, a valued and respected influencer in your church. Your Bible knowledge is sought out and put to powerful use. The whole Bible makes sense to you.
  • Your ministry is growing deeper and wider, and lives are being changed through you. Men and women, boys and girls, tell you how thankful they are.
  • You've led lost people to Christ, and you are forever part of their testimony.
  • You're not perfect, but you know God is using you in all the best ways.
  • And one day, in the distant future, you will see your Father's smiling face, and hear him say, "Well done, good and faithful servant. Enter into the joy of the Lord."
You CAN become one of those HEROES of the faith...
"of whom the world was not worthy."
Start your journey today. 

First month free... then $84 per month for as long as you remain enrolled. Withdraw any time. 

Immediate Access to Step-By-Step Spiritual Growth & Ministry Equipping

Finally make sense of the Bible through 16 self-paced, SEQUENCED COURSES. You can decipher God's word for yourself like never before. From foundational understandings, to advanced theology, you'll deepen your faith and expand your knowledge.

Direct MENTORING through a private chat portal with your professor. Get answers when you need them from a caring pastor and expert in ministry, with decades of teaching experience in churches and universities and a lifetime of theological study. 

Flexibility in your learning with live, on-demand, and optional in-person teaching sessions. Study in your own time, or join us for powerful live teaching and Q&A to help you grow deeper and connect with fellow students.

Master of Ministry Certification to skyrocket your ministry skills and to prove the DEPTH of your COMMITMENT to serve Christ and His gospel. 

Graduate-school level instruction from a seasoned biblical professor, designed for BUSY PEOPLE. Grow in your bible knowledge without sacrificing your life, career or family. All readings & papers are OPTIONAL!

Student Social Wall to help you discuss, process, and learn from fellow students just like you. Explore theological and important life issues in a safe place, free from judgment.

Seminary training can cost $35,000 and more. 
Veritas offers all this and more for FREE for your first month, and $124 per month after that for as long as you stay enrolled. You can cancel any time. No other fees. 
Enroll now for a special discounted rate of $84 per month... 
Your cost will never go up as long as you remain enrolled.
Click below to see all the courses you'll have access to.
Click for details of our next live course... within your free trial period!
"All I can say is, wow! I am excited to learn these tools to systematically interpret parts of the Bible! Even just researching the meaning of one word is going to open my eyes and heart to so much." ~Amanda W.

"Meditating on what was taught last night, the nerd in me was awakened and I am loving every minute of it!" ~Tom P.

"From Inspiration to Inerrancy and Text Criticism, my mind is seeping in the new knowledge. What a blissful place to be, I am hungry for more! Looking forward to diving in again this evening." ~Sam K.

"Great job with all the content and the presentation." ~Charlene S.
"I want to thank you for your teaching style, and the class!! I look forward to the next class. Addiction!" ~Kevin S.
"I am excited to start this program. I leave in January 2022 to do Muslim ministry in the southern Philippines. I am excited to grow and learn.." ~ Michael
THANK YOU for serving CHRIST and THE GOSPEL in the CHURCH!
Small group leaders
Women's ministries
Elders and deacons
Homeschool parents
Trades workers
Life coaches
Second Career Pastors 
Youth ministry volunteers
Camp counselors
Bible study teachers
Lay leaders
Parents & Grandparents
Homeschool students
Apologetics workers
Youth or Children's Pastors
(Pastors welcome too!)
Men's groups
Worship leaders
Everyday believers
Stephen's ministers
Ministry staff
College students
Ministry volunteers
Campus ministry


First month free... then $84 per month for as long as you remain enrolled. Withdraw any time. 

Are scholarships or discounts available?
Here you go...

  • Married Couples - 50% off your spouse's tuition (one discount per couple) -- discount remains as long as both remain enrolled. One spouses uses this code, and the other spouse can use another code! 
  • Vocational Clergy, or those working through licensing or ordination - 20% off tuition.
  • Volunteer Leaders and Ministry Leaders at Pathway Church, Redding, CA, $8 off monthly tuition
  • Official Partners (Members) at Pathway Church, Redding, CA. You went through the Partnership Class, met with our Board Members, and have attended regularly during the last 6 months - $10 off monthly tuition 
  • Immediate family member living under the same roof (or away at college): 50% off Enrollment while both remain enrolled:

To apply these discounts, please enter the relevant code at the time of ENROLLMENT. 


Do I need a Bachelor's Degree to enroll?
No, there is no prior study required. However, these classes are taught at a Master's degree level, so a decent understanding of reading and writing is helpful. The 101 Basics Course is a great place to start, and will give you a benchmark for the remainder of the program.

You do need to be 16 or older to enroll.

What are the prerequisites?
The only prerequisites are a basic knowledge of Scripture and a motivation to grow and learn. 

A PREREQUISITES course is included in the program. 

As soon as you enroll, you gain access to the prerequisites course. This will enable you to brush up on theology and Scripture if you're rusty or if you're new to these studies. 
Can I get a refund?
We understand that circumstances change, and you may not be able to continue studying for whatever reason.
This is why we offer a full month free inside the program when you join, so you can see for yourself if the course is right for you without being charged a cent.
We even send you an email reminder BEFORE your card is ever charged. 
After that month, you may withdraw at any time, and your card will not be billed for the next billing cycle. 
Withdrawing is a hassle-free one step process at
How much time will each class take?
We're the home of the FASTCLASS experience where we pack a full semester of learning into a quick modular format. 
You can probably complete one or two courses per month. It's up to you. You can even work faster or, of course, more slowly. 
Classes are offered... 
1. Live in Person
2. Live Online
3. Video Replay
Take your pick. All the webinars and mini-courses are optional. 
What do you believe?
The staff, faculty, and teachings of VSBM are conservative and evangelical in theology and life. We believe the Bible, interpreted according to grammatical-historical methodology, is the supreme authority for faith and life. 

We also see God's Amazing Grace as the centerpiece of Scripture and Theology. 

  • The heart of Scripture is Christ. 
  • The heart of Christ is Grace. 
  • The heart of Grace is the Cross. 

We affirm the doctrinal statement of the Christian & Missionary Alliance, and fully endorse the Chicago Statements on Biblical Inerrancy and Hermeneutics.
Is Veritas "woke"? No.
Is Veritas into "social justice"? No. We believe in "social ministry" but we stand against the current movement of "social justice."
Is Veritas into Liberation Theology. No
Is Veritas political? No. But we do speak to moral issues affecting society and on occasion politics.
How long for a Master of Ministry Certification?
The Master of Ministry certification will take about 2-3 years. You can complete it faster if you like. Each year offers 4 classes plus one service project, for a total of 12 classes and 3 service projects.
Is Veritas School of Biblical Ministry accredited?
No. We are not accredited and we do not offer a degree.
But these are the same classes that have been taught for over 25 years by Dr. Bill Giovannetti at seminary and university in two states. The goal is that you get equipped for greater, deeper, broader ministry effectiveness than ever before -- for Christ and His Gospel!

We are working on a partnership with A.W. Tozer Theological Seminary and you "may" receive credit there for an additional fee. 

Details coming soon. 
Do I have to take tests and turn in homework?
Our goal is to expose as many students as possible to in-depth equipping and teaching in handling God's Word and leading God's church.

Homework is required for the Master of Ministry degree.

Homework is NOT required, however, if you simply want to audit the program. 

Once you begin a course, all work must be submitted within 9 months to obtain credit for that course. 

Auditors will be awarded a Certificate of Completion. 
Do you give grades?
Our goal is equipping and informing, not adding pressure to your life. 

Here is our grading system: 

PASS (Credit)
PASS (Audit)
You CAN Do this!
Fear not, for I am with you; Be not dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you, Yes, I will help you, I will uphold you with My righteous right hand. (Isaiah 41:10)
All material on this site is
© Copyright Bill Giovannetti 2018-2022. All Rights Reserved. 
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Crystal Clear Courses
FASTClass Approach
 Each course packs a semester of learning into a convenient modular format. You can complete up to 3 or more courses per month.
Learn at your own pace. No deadlines.
Series 1
  • 110 Biblical Interpretation (Hermeneutics)
  • 112 Doctrine of Salvation (Soteriology)
  • 116 Crafting Messages and Sermons
  • 114 Systematic Theology (Overview)
  • 118 Service Project (Volunteering)
Upon Completion of Series 1:
Certificate of Ministry Training
Series 2
  • 210 Theology Proper (The Doctrine of God)
  • 212 Bible Survey (The Old and New Testaments)
  • 216 Delivering Messages and Sermons
  • 214 The Christian Life (Sanctification)
  • 218 Service Project (Teaching)
Upon Completion of Series 2:
Certificate of Ministry Leadership
Series 3
  • 310 Apologetics 
  • 312 Christian History (America's Great Awakenings)
  • 314 Evangelism (In speaking, teaching, and life)
  • 316 Principles of Pastoring (Weddings, funerals, baptisms, more)
  • 318 Service Project (Leadership)
Upon Completion of Series 3:
Master of Ministry Certification
Series 1
Bonus 100 Level Courses
  • 101 The Basics (The Grace Pathway) Jumpstart Course for Beginners
  • 115 The Doctrine of Providence
Series 2
Bonus 200 Level Courses
  • 215 Eschatology (The End Times)
  • 217 Reading Ruth (verse by verse with surprising new discoveries)
Series 3
Bonus 300 Level Courses
  • Coming Soon
You Also Gain Instant Access to...
Regular Webinars on Faith and Life, "Ask Me Anything" Zoom Calls, Direct Mentoring with your Professor, Peer to Peer Social Wall, Build your own library of downloadable books, charts, and study notes.
Tens of Thousands of Dollars in Value in Teaching, coupled with Decades of Experience and Ministry, is waiting for you...
You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.
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Our upcoming live class...
A Master's Level Course
Whether you are a volunteer, leader, or even a pastor, you will go deep into the theology, necessity, and skills to reach your world and to mobilize your ministry for evangelism.
September 9-11, 2022
  • Meets both IN PERSON and ONLINE via Zoom.
  • In-person meetings will happen at Pathway Church, Redding, CA 
  • To see the full Master of Ministry Certification program through Veritas School, click here
  • DATE: Live sessions happen September 9-11, 2022 (Fri, Sat, Sun).
  • You will have access to replay videos hundreds of pages of downloads and frameworks. 
Principles and methods of effective evangelism through a local church or other ministry. Topics include evangelistic preaching, mobilizing a church for evangelism, clarifying the Gospel, calling for a decision, training for evangelism, and more.
The weekend schedule will be:
Friday (6:00-8:30 pm),
Saturday (9:00am-1:30 pm).
Sunday (evangelistic services at Pathway followed by a lunch/debrief and final sessions)
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We are passionate about God's Truth because THEOLOGY MATTERS.

As a thank you for visiting Veritas, we'd like to send you this FREE BOOK. No obligation, no cost. It's just our way of increasing the tribe of Apollos – believers who are mighty in Scripture.
  • Over 130 pages and 13 chapters of clear teaching on the Basics of Christian Theology.
  • 1. The Basics - God's Truth
  • 2. The Bible - God's Book
  • 3. The Trinity - God's Nature
  • 4. The Savior - God's Son
  • 5. The Holy Spirit - God's Revealer
  • 6. Creation - God's Handiwork
  • 7. Humankind - God's Image
  • 8. Salvation - God's Gift
  • 9. The Church - God's Family
  • 10. Sanctification - God's Life In Me
  • 11. Satan and Demons - God's Nemesis
  • 12. The Second Coming - God's Victory
  • 13. Heaven and Hell - God's Glory
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