065 Heaven and Hell

What we Believe About Heaven and Hell
Know What You Believe —12 — Heaven and Hell

Today's podcast episode is the completion of the series "Know What You Believe", and here we talk about heaven and hell.

At some point in our lives, I'm pretty sure we've come to ask ourselves what happens when Earth and history is complete? Is there life after death? Or do we go back to nothingness — oblivion?

This is one of the hot topics that seems to come up all the time, hence the need to clarify according to what is really said in the Bible. What does the Bible tell us about heaven and hell? Why does it matter?

Find out about it's truth in this episode. Enjoy!

We believe that God commands everyone everywhere to believe the gospel by turning to Him in repentance and receiving the Lord Jesus Christ. We believe that God will raise the dead bodily and judge the world, assigning the unbeliever to condemnation and eternal conscious punishment and the believer to eternal blessedness and joy with the Lord in the new heaven and the new earth, to the praise of His glorious grace. Amen.

"No one who is ever in hell will be able to say to God, you put me here. And no one who is in heaven will ever be able to say, I put myself here." - John Hannah

Episode Highlights:

1. Introduction [0:00]
2. The end is nothing but a new beginning [2:46]
3. What is hell and why is there hell? [4:11]
4. Do people get a second chance after they die? [6:21]
5. What is Heaven? [8:13]
6. What does heaven offer you? [8:17]
7. Mansion Over the Hilltop by Ira Stanphill [11:20]

Biblical References:

● Isaiah 65:17
● 2 Peter 3:13
● Revelations 21:1
● Matthew 25:46
● Matthew 23:33
● Hebrews 9:27
● Matthew 8:12
● Revelations 21:4

About Our Host:

Dr. Bill Giovannetti is the Senior Pastor of Pathway Church in Redding, California and the founder of Veritas School of Biblical Ministry, offering online theological training for everyday Christians. Bill has always had a passion to bring the deep things of God's Word to the everyday people of God.


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