095 How To Give An Invitation To Receive Christ

In Episode 95, we discuss the act of giving out invitations to the unsaved to receive Jesus Christ as their savior. God's word is an invitation extended to all men. However, some churches have discontinued altar calls in recent years.

The time spent in the service of seeking God is more than a relic of a bygone period. Even now, the altar call plays a vital purpose, albeit under a new name, such as "response time."

People urged others to experience life with Jesus, and the Church flourished tremendously as a result. These invites were acted out by the early Christians as a natural manifestation of their lives. What if we, as Christians, recovered our faith's fundamentally public nature? How can we invite others to experience the life-changing power of the gospel for themselves?

Tune in now and let's go bigger, better, and deeper!

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Episode Timestamps:

Introduction [00:00]
The Devolution of Evangelism [03:09]
Everything Evangelism [04:51]
Preacher-based Evangelism [05:12]
Intrusional Evangelism [05:28]
Lifestyle Evangelism [06:51]
Non-Evangelism [07:38]
How To Give An Altar Call [08:44]
Engage Your Church Through Prayer [10:47]
Encourage Your Church to Invite Their Unsaved Friends They Pray For [12:18]
Shifting The Style of The Service [12:46]
Felt Needs [15:03]
Preach The Cross [16:15]
Giving A Heads Up About Receiving Jesus [17:40]
Don't Embarrass the Unsaved in the Church [18:39]
Leave Time for the Invitation [19:28]
Walk the Unsaved Through Receiving Jesus as their Savior [20:17]
Don't Preach Another Sermon & Say a Sample Prayer [21:51]
Tailor the Prayer to Your Message [28:11]
Invite those Who Prayed to Look at You [29:43]
Welcome to God's Family [29:51]
Close in Prayer and Offer a Bible or Booklet [30:27]
Outro [32:20]


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Book References:

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Welcome To God's Family (The Grace Pathway) by Bill Giovannetti https://www.amazon.com/dp/1946654086/ref=cm_sw_r_tw_dp_BTTX8111Q333EYC8NDKJ

About Our Host:

Bill Giovannetti is the Senior Pastor at Pathway Church, Redding, California — an experienced senior pastor with a demonstrated history of working in the religious institutions industry. He also teaches ministry related college classes at Simpson University and the A. W. Tozer Theological Seminary. Bill has always had a passion to bring the deep things of God's word to the everyday people of God.


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