084 Philosophy of Spiritual Growth

In Episode 84, we discuss about having a philosophy when it comes to spiritual growth. Whilst some members of the Christian community refer this to Discipleship, we instead offer you a new philosophy to adopt called the Grace Pathway.

Unfortunately, most Christians learn their Christianity in bits and pieces with a few bible studies, sermons, and books. The solution is to have a coherent and biblical pattern of spiritual growth, which is the Grace Pathway.

Having a philosophy of spiritual growth is super important, and links to everything. If a church or ministry are not about getting individuals saved, grown up and activated in the church, then what is the purpose?

If you're someone who's wanting to get a better understanding on spiritual growth, or a pastor wanting to create impactful changes to their church, this is episode for you!

Tune in now and let's go bigger, better, and deeper!

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Episode Timestamps:

Introduction [00:00]
The Importance of Having a Philosophy of Spiritual Growth [04:30]
What is The Grace Pathway? [06:54]
Milestone One: God Serves You [10:40]
Milestone Two: God Blesses You [13:21]
Milestone Three: God Grows You [19:27]
Milestone Four: God Uses You [25:49]
Final Thoughts [30:02]
Outro [32:29]

Biblical references:

Luke 10:27


Book Reference:

Chaos: As Goes the Church So Goes the World

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