083 All About the Antichrist

In Episode 83, we talked about the Antichrist. We're watching Bible prophecy unfold before our very own eyes, and one of the key elements of Bible prophecy is this person called the Antichrist. So, it is important that we know something of what the Bible says about the Antichrist.
Knowing about the Antichrist will erase a lot of confusion and can possibly save you from a lot of pain in your life as you go down dangerous and deceptive pathways. It can also teach you the art of discernment, and how to separate good from evil.

We also touch base on Satan and his motives, the world system and what it all means, and then wrapping it altogether with the Antichrist, his motives, goals and where he is placed within the pages of the Bible.

If you're trying to make sense of the world around you, if you're wanting to know more about Biblical doctrines concerning the Antichrist, this is an essential episode for you!

Tune in now and let's go bigger, better, and deeper!

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Episode Timestamps:

Introduction [00:00]
What is Satan and What is His Motive? [03:53]
The Different Names of Satan [09:23]
Who is the Antichrist? [11:35]
Lewis Sperry Chafer's Take on the Antichrist [19:53]
Scripture Verses on the Antichrist [22:28]
Outro [31:00]

Biblical References:

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Book Reference:

Chaos: As Goes the Church So Goes the World

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