093 Christ’s Second Coming

In Episode 93, we continue with the fifth and final non-negotiable fundamentals of Christianity, where we reference the famous football coach Vince Lombardi, "Gentlemen, this is a football." Awaiting the Second Coming is something to look forward to. It is a literal event, a personal and visible experience. It is the culmination of the salvation plan.

We can see from the Bible that the Second Coming is also a global event. As stated in the book of Revelations, "every eye will see Him"—regardless of time zone, continent, or location. Though Jesus stated unequivocally that He would return, He also stated that the specifics are not for us to know. If your church doesn't believe in this or the other non-negotiable fundamentals, it is not in line with historic Biblical Christianity.

Tune in now and let's go bigger, better, and deeper!

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Episode Timestamps:

Introduction [00:00]
There is No Exact Date for When Jesus is Coming [03:17]
Jesus Will Return in His Physical Body [06:46]
Why Pre-Millennialism Matters [10:52]
The Second Coming Prophecies From The Bible [14:31]
The Rewards of The Second Coming [17:36]
The Warnings of The Second Coming [18:28]
Preparing For The Second Coming [20:11]
Outro [23:27]

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Book References:

Alpha Christians: A Manifesto for Men

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Understanding End Times Prophecy https://www.amazon.com/Understanding-End-Times-Prophecy-Comprehensive/dp/0802490794

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Bill Giovannetti is the Senior Pastor at Pathway Church, Redding, California — an experienced senior pastor with a demonstrated history of working in the religious institutions industry. He also teaches ministry related college classes at Simpson University and the A. W. Tozer Theological Seminary. Bill has always had a passion to bring the deep things of God's word to the everyday people of God.


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