085 Who Was The King Who Almost Killed Christmas?

In Episode 85, we dive into a more festive topic, however it is not as merry as you think! We take a different approach to what you commonly might around this time of the year and investigate the almost forgotten, dark underbelly of the Christmas tale about, 'The King Who Almost Killed Christmas'.

Whilst this is a story we don't share very often, the meanings behind, 'The King Who Almost Killed Christmas' is quite profound. It contains five major lessons that'll deepen our relationship with God, and in the long run is an important message we all need to hear.

Tune in now and let's go bigger, better, and deeper!

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Episode Timestamps:

Introduction [00:00]
Who is the King who Almost Killed Christmas? [01:41]
Lesson 1: We Are Ultimately Defined by What We Do with Jesus [04:27]
Lesson 2: We Have Nobody to Blame if We Reject Jesus [07:14]
Lesson 3: Some Will Not Embrace Jesus, No Matter What Testimony We Offer [08:56]
Lesson 4: All Must be Invited and Summoned to Him [11:05]
Lesson 5: You Can't Break Jesus or God's Word or Truth [13:11]
Outro [15:27]

Biblical references:

Mathew 2:16-18
Romans 1:20
Luke 16:31
John 7:5
Titus 2:10
Romans 10:14
Luke 2:1-20


Book Reference:

Chaos: As Goes the Church So Goes the World

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