086 I’ll Be Home for Christmas

In Episode 86, we dived into the topic of "I'll Be Home for Christmas" a festive feel good story wrapped together in theology. Unlike the story of Herod the Great, in this episode, things take a merrier approach. We uncover the true backstory to this heartfelt story, and it's striking similarities to Jesus Christ and his three homes.

The key takeaway however, is the parallels of love between the two stories. It shows us that the love we continuously receive from God is, and will always be infinite. Although God may not be physically there with us during times of hardship and celebration, he will always be present within us.

If your festive spirits are high or if you're looking to hear a feel good story that'll get you into the Christmas spirit, this is an episode for you!

Tune in now and let's go bigger, better, and deeper!

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Episode Timestamps:

Introduction [00:00]
The Backstory of 'I'll Be Home for Christmas' [01:50]
The Original Christmas Story & Jesus's Homes [02:39]
God's Love is Always With Us [04:52]
Jesus's Third Home [06:08]
The Ending of 'I'll Be Home for Christmas' [06:22]
The Greatest Christmas Gift of All [07:34]
Outro [15:27]


Book Reference:

Chaos: As Goes the Church So Goes the World

Alpha Christians

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