Residency Objectives and Mission
Objective 1
Become a top-level assistant to your Residency Director (RD), willing to do all levels of tasks, whether menial or higher level... dedicate your ministry to making your RD successful in achieving their God-given goals (Years 1 and 2)
  • Phase One: shadow and assist your (RD) to gain a wholistic view or their ministry
  • Phase Two: plug in wherever needed.
  • Phase Three: graduate to high-level ministry with hands-on ministry to real people — group leadership, mentorship, discipleship, teaching, etc.
  • Phase Four: graduate to leading leaders, in which you organize, train, and deploy leaders
Objective 2
Engage in ongoing theological and ministry mentorship with Bill Giovannetti and your peers (Years 1 and 2)
  • Once monthly group meetings with professor Dr. Bill Giovannetti (senior pastor) (Zoom or in person)
  • Once monthly meetings with your cohort/peers (Zoom or in person)
  • Advanced Readings in Theology and Ministry 
  • Residents who have completed the Master of Ministry Certification at Veritas (or equivalent) will enjoy continued access to Veritas and all its resources and meetings as part of their residency tuition. 
Objective 3
Influence Veritas School throughout your program (Years 1 and 2)
  • Journaling of your experiences, wins, and losses on the public platform of Veritas [always maintain confidentiality]. Engage in dialog as offered.
  • Answering theological questions posed in direct chat
  • Furthering the community of Veritas School
  • Continued education and review of Veritas Masters Level courses
Objective 4
A major paper or project integrating the theological and practical components of the Veritas Master's program with the actual experiences in the Residency program (Year 2). Pick one from these options.
  • Theological emphasis - write a paper on a theological topic of interest, with original research, about 25-40 pages.
  • Plan emphasis - develop a written plan for a ministry or an area of ministry. Plan components should be comprehensive. Put a plan on paper that will enable the right leadership and team to implement a viable and successful ministry.
  • Leadership emphasis - complete a significant leadership project for an area of ministry involving planning, collaboration, ideation, recruitment, and actual implementation. Get something major done.
  • Publication emphasis - write a short book on an area of ministry, Christian living, apologetics, inspiration, or theology and carry it through to publication, 40 pages or more. This includes proper editing and formatting, a designed cover, and listing on publishing platforms for sale.
  • Consecration or Ordination emphasis - walk through the requirements for formal ordination or consecration in the Christian and Missionary Alliance.
Objective 5
Significant weekly involvement at Pathway Church (if local) or another church or ministry setting as agreed
  • The purpose of your Veritas Master of Ministry Certification program is to mobilize champions of grace and truth in a culture of confusion and pain.
  • This is the time to deploy your training in the service of the Church. 

Be part of a ONE YEAR Residency in forming a CHURCH PLANTING nucleus.
  • Full scholarship may be available. 
  • This track is part of the Greenhouse Church planting ministry of the Christian and Missionary Alliance. 
  • Be part of a core team ready to participate in planting a new church either locally or in other regions. 
  • Click here to see this program in the Southwest District of the Alliance. 
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  • This Residency Program is open to graduates of Veritas School of Biblical Ministry with a Master of Ministry Certification.
    Exception: Resident may enroll concurrently in both the Residency Program and the Veritas Master of Ministry Program.
    Exception: Residents may enroll concurrently in both the Residency Program and a Bachelor's Degree in Bible, ministry, or theology major at either Simpson University, Jessup University, or Shasta Bible College.
  • The Residency is also open to applicants who have completed an MA, or MDiv, or Th.M. in theology, ministry, or a related field. 

  • Residencies are subject to a background check. All persons involved in ministry to or with minors must pass a background check.
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