Thank you for Giving the Gift of Wisdom
You have reached the Veritas Gift Page, for the Christmas Tuition Rollback special. This gift option is only available as a one-time payment option. 
1. Only use this page if you intend to pay tuition for someone else's enrollment in Veritas. If you want to pay for your own enrollment, please click here. 
2. On this page, please enter your own information as it appears on your credit card. You are the GIVER
3. You will then automatically land on the next page. There, you will enter the info for the RECIPIENT of your gift... and they will be automatically notified of your generosity. You will also be taken to a page you can print or email to tell the recipient about your gift. 
"My experience so far has been overwhelmingly wonderful. I am excited about the process and the tools we are equipping ourselves with. The work is challenging but rewarding." ~Samuel 
 "I entered Veritas scared and honestly clueless. Thanks to my professor, he breaks it down to allow a novice like me to learn. He makes it fun and exciting. I look forward to each new chapter and growth." ~Charlene
Veritas Master of Ministry Program
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1. When you click "Give This Gift Now" your card will be immediately charged. 
2. You will be transferred to a simple page to enter your Recipient's information.
3. Then you'll be taken to a page you can print or email to your recipient to tell them of this generous gift.
4. This is going to be such a blessing... and so much fun!