REVIVAL22-01 Time to Turn Around

Time to Turn Around
Bill Giovannetti
Over and over again, there have come times in history when darkness covers the land. There are times when evil is rampant, the hearts of God's people are lukewarm and complacent, culture sits in chaos, and the whole world lies hypnotized under the spell of the Dark Lord Satan.

In those days, when good women and men don't know what to do, there is only one answer:


You could almost say that revival is the church on steroids evangelizing a world on life-support.

But it's not steroids and it's not adrenaline, and it's not whipped up enthusiasm or human emotion at all.

It is a somber, serious, work of God. In that work, God does something in the church so startling that the world takes notice and there is a flood of new salvations.

Do you ever feel tired or worn out?

If you down a Grande coffee at Starbucks, you'll get 310 mg of caffeine.

Red Bull gives you 80 mg, No Doz gives you 200 mg, Monster Maxx gives you 200 mg, Mountain Dew Amp gives you 220 mg, In a cup of Death Wish coffee, you'll get 728 mg, But if you pick up Black Label Brewed coffee, you'll get 1,555 mg of coffee — the equivalent of 5 grandes at Starbucks.

I'm not advocating, I'm just illustrating.

The Church is not fueled by caffeine, enthusiasm, steroids, or emotion.
The Church is fueled by Jesus Christ uplifted and proclaimed, because that is where the Holy Spirit works in power.