REVIVAL22-05 Time to Gear Up

Time to Gear Up
Bill Giovannetti
The events of these days show us like never before that people need the Lord. The world without Christ is in a perilous condition.

Our world is now in a state of war. We can talk and analyze and point the finger of blame.

I however, would like to pray. Let us pray.

Almighty God. We come to you today with hurting hearts and hopeful spirits. You look down upon our world, and you see oceans of people in fear, in pain, and desperately in need of you and of your salvation. You see a world at war, both spiritually and militarily.

Today, we pray to you, Lord God, for peace in Ukraine. Overrule the hearts of those bent on violence and grasping. Stop the aggressors, and cause them to lay down their arms.

We pray for your powerful protection over every church there. Protect our brothers and sisters. Protect the pastors and their families. Watch over the missionaries, and our own Alliance international workers. Provide for them. Bless them, even in these days of brutality.

We know we are in great spiritual warfare. That old serpent, the devil, comes to steal, and to kill, and to destroy. Push him back, Father, with your mighty hand. Win the victory.

Lord, end the bloodshed. Restore the sovereignty of a free people. Come to their aid. Do miracles of grace. Guide our leaders, both political and military. And guide our spiritual leaders too.

Above all, in Ukraine, in Russia, and everywhere, grant that men and women, boys and girls, will come to see their desperate need for the Savior. And then let them hear the gospel of Jesus Christ and find that Savior in him.

In whose name we pray. Amen.

It's Time to Gear Up

This fallen world is a morally broken pain machine. Left to its self, history always gets worse. Cultures always degenerate. They always devolve. Always moves toward increasing violence, and abuse, perversion, and pain.

"War is the natural state of man," said one philosopher four hundred years ago (Thomas Hobbes, 1600s).

He was right then, and he's right today.
We are at war on the outside because we are at war on the inside.

We are ate war on the inside because we are a race of sinners by nature and practice. (James 4:1)

The only force on earth and in heaven that can reverse the chaos of sin is the gospel of Jesus Christ.

And the only force on earth and in heaven that will turn around a whole nation, a whole continent, and even the whole world, is mass salvations, which we call revival.

Today is part five, and my final part (maybe, I think) in this series on Revival.

My talk today... It's Time to Gear Up

Suit up. Prepare. Get ready.

Gear up for what?

It's time to gear up to stand up for Christ and the gospel in an increasingly hostile world.