Christmas Sermons & Talks
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3-talk series on Christmas, totally free. 
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Christmas is a great time for our ministries, but the busiest time for our lives. It's hard to come up with sermons and lessons that are both meaningful and creative. 
Here are complete resources for 3 talks are biblical, customizable for all ages, and evangelistic
You'll receive...
  • 3 complete and editable manuscripts
  • 3 editable Powerpoint files
  • Add your own ideas OR use as-is
  • Customizable for adults, young adults, youth, or children
Download your free Christmas Sermons Kit
What Would Jesus Say to Rudolph
What Would Jesus Say to Santa
What Would Jesus Say to the Island of Misfit Toys? 

I'm Bill Giovannetti. I grew up in Awana clubs, and was mentored by some of the founders of Awana itself. Since childhood, I've had a love for Scripture, and the deep things of God.

I'm committed to teaching a way of life energized by the Best Friend and only Savior a person could ever know.

God gave all his truth to all his people.

It's time to bring the church back to the Bible, and the Bible back to the church.

 Thanks for being here. 

Merry Christmas!

Bill Giovannetti

Download your free Christmas Sermons Kit
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