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The Manifesto...
By signing below, I profess and agree...
    That I love, support, and will defend the ideals of liberty and God-given rights that guided the founders of the United States.
    I believe that since God gave us our rights, no government or other agent can take them away. They are unalienable
    I believe in the free flow of the GOSPEL as the greatest force for liberty and prosperity, and as the only source of eternal salvation, the world has ever known. 
    I believe in a traditional FAMILY and MARRIAGE as the building blocks of society, and as the best possible environment to nurture children toward freedom, wholeness, and the gospel. Children are under the primary authority of their parents or guardians, NOT the State, School Boards, schools, or teachers. 
    I believe in PATRIOTISM. Though our country is imperfect, our ideals of liberty and God-given rights reflect God's will for a nation-state, so I stand for the anthem and I love the Red, White, and Blue.
    I believe that traditional Christianity, as revealed in the plain reading of the Bible, is the most rational, defensible, and demonstrable worldview on earth, so I stand against all attempts to liberalize its message, accommodate it to cultural fads, or subordinate it to any governmental entity. 
    I believe it's time to take non-violent action to restore Freedom, the Gospel, Family, and Patriotism against the encroachments, abuses, and usurpations of a government out of control. 
    I stand against BIG-GOVERNMENT SOCIALISM, TYRANNY, GLOBALISM, COLLECTIVISM, MARXISM, CRITICAL RACE THEORY, CONTEMPORARY VIEWS OF SOCIAL JUSTICE and any other force that diminishes the rights, powers, and God-given DOMINION of individuals. 
    I believe our culture and world are locked in SPIRITUAL WARFARE as described in the Bible, and that SATAN opposes all that God calls good. 
    Our government has grown too big, wasteful, costly, and corrupt, and we must work together to MAKE GOVERNMENT LIMITED AGAIN, as described in the US Constitution. 
    I believe in the SANCTITY OF HUMAN LIFE, as created in the image of God, and therefore as sacred to Him in ways unlike any other life form. All our unalienable rights derive from this reality. 
    I stand for non-violent resistance to the tyrannical mandates of out-of-control government and for the courage to SPEAK UP FOR FREE SPEECH regardless of consequences. 
    I believe God gave DOMINION to each individual, so each person is meant to be a free-will sovereign individual. People are free to express their religion, sexuality, and political views as they see fit as long as they do not trample the rights of their neighbors or misuse the power of government within the American Constitutional system. 
    I agree and support in principle the majority of what is argued and taught in the book ALPHA CHRISTIANS. 
  I bow to no king but Jesus.  
I hereby sign the Alpha Christians Manifesto...
With a clear conscience, a sincere heart, and confidence in God for the future–for myself and my posterity–I freely sign the Alpha Christians manifesto, and will do my part to stand up for the Gospel, Family, and Patriotism as God gives opportunity. 
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