Veritas Biblical Greek Class!
is open for new enrollment.
Advanced studies for highly motivated students.
No prior Greek Studies Required....
A kinder, gentler Greek class.
do this! 
No Freaking Out
Enrollment closes in...
Let's start at the very beginning... with Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta.... all the way to Omega! 

Totally friendly, compassionate, beginner studies in biblical Greek. 

Do word studies from Greek, use Interlinear Bibles, and Bible study resources with CONFIDENCE!
  • Weekly video lessons from a Greek Geek! Simple worksheets and stress-free assignments.
  • Two to Four Live Group Classes per month, to keep us all on track (may be in-person as situations permit).
  • Enrollment limited to 9 students per cohort, so you get the personal attention you need.
  • Start reading New Testament Greek faster than you think!
  • Minimum of 6 students to start a new cohort. If we don't achieve that your payment will be immediately refunded.
Give yourself the GIFT of KNOWLEDGE

TUITION: $137 per month
(first quarter is paid in advance... after that it's month to month)

BOOKS: About $90.00

Withdraw any time after your first quarter.

Why does knowing Greek matter? Read the article "Bitzer Was A Banker!" (download here)
The original Scriptures well deserve your pains, and will richly repay them.
-John Newton, composer of Amazing Grace

Languages are the scabbard that contains the sword of the 
Spirit... as dear as the gospel is to us all, let us earnestly contend with its language.
-Martin Luther
Never Stop Growing In The Lord