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by Bill Giovannetti
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God Stuff if the podcast for men and women who serve in Christian ministry at all levels–volunteer, youth group leaders, women's ministry, men's ministry, small group leader–you name it. 
GodStuff equips ministry volunteers to grow their impact....
BIGGER - reach more men and women, boys and girls for Christ and the Gospel.
BETTER - be equipped to better interpret and handle God's Word. 
DEEPER - bring your leadership and service deeper than ever before. 
Comments from our subscribers..
Know your stuff!
It won't take you long to realize that Pastor Bill knows his stuff! Listening to Bills podcasts and teachings will no doubt change the way you convey the gospel to your friends and family, give you a daily hunger for Biblical truth in your life, and answer the question, "how do I apply Biblical teachings to my life today?"
I love this podcast! Especially the deep theological ones that make me feel like I'm in seminary! I grew up in evangelical church but never truly understood grace until Bill. His teaching has unlocked me from a "grace and" or "grace but" mindset that has had me stuck in depression and insecurity with zero boundaries and severe social anxiety my whole adult life but now that I'm beginning to understand the truth of grace I am growing.


The good stuff
Love this podcast. Hits a lot of different topics that never fail to interest. In depth, biblical, and thought provoking. Keep up the good work

Love this podcast. Can't wait for the next episode. Highly, highly recommended!!!!,

Definitely Worth Your Time
If you have time for only one podcast, make it an episode of God Stuff! Each episode is truth-centered as God defines truth in the Bible. This podcast is a must for any Christian or person seeking truth today.

A Valuable Resource
The God Stuff Podcast is both enjoyable to listen to and full of important theological information. From the foundations of faith to relevant topics, each week promises education and reflection. This podcast is a valuable tool if you desire to grow in your faith or to better understand Biblical truths.

Insightful teaching
Thank you Pastor Bill. Really enjoy the podcast & the range of subjects. Feels like Bible class that I can understand. Also enjoy the downloads for further reading & study.

Fun, Witty and Deep
My favorite new podcast. A variety of topics...sometimes deep, sometimes fun, always insightful and spiritually deep. It feels like a conversation around a cup of coffee with a couple really smart friends.

legs R Us
Bringing Clarity to a Gray World
The God Stuff Podcast brings the mysteries of the Bible and modern Christianity down to bite sized edible morsels of truth! Bill removes the shackles of legalism and helps you to don the garments of Grace. It's not what can we do for God, but what God has done for us through providing his Son Jesus as our redeeming bridge to God. Great work guys! Enjoy the teaching you provide each week:)

Worth the listen - Great variety
I really enjoy the variety in this podcast. The mini Bible lessons from Bill have been super helpful and the conversations with guests on relevant topics have answered many underlying questions I've had. Thanks so much! Keep them coming. 

The Best!
I have never heard anyone who speaks so intelligently and informative on the Scriptures. Bill is able to take the most difficult things about the Bible and break it down in a way that is so simple to understand. Listening to Bill you will understand who God is!

Love it!
As a 21 year old millennial ( or Gen Z, I'm really not sure the exact cut off) I really enjoy this podcast! I wish more Christians today talked about the "meat" of Christianity - because I really feel that biblical teaching is something lacking in Christian young adults (myself included). Listening to this podcast makes me feel empowered to obtain more knowledge and get personal with God!
Great Job! Love how casual it is. 

Love your podcast!
Always love listening to Bill whether it's his sermons from Neighhhborhood or this podcast. I always learn something.

Solid listen
Theological, biblical, and an easy listen.

Fantastic insight into the God stuff. I love listening. Bill is an incredible speaker and teacher of the Bible. He really has a gift of presenting the deep parts of Gods Word in a way that is understandable and relatable. They pick good topics, too. Questions and things I think a lot of us wonder about, they provide good solid biblical answers. Check it out, you won't be disappointed.

Godstuff podcast brings insightful viewpoints and conversation about God the Father and Jesus our Savior. I especially enjoy the learning aspect of the conversation or topic that grows me as a Christian and helps me bring the Message of Jesus to others.

... there's more, but you get the idea.