Get an Unshakeable Foundation for Your Life in SPIRITUAL BOOTCAMP

Enjoy a Four-Part Discipleship Course to Clarify Your Faith, Wrestle Through Tough Questions, Shed Your Dysfunctions, and Pack On Spiritual Muscle

 In SPIRITUAL BOOTCAMP, you will journey step-by-step along the Grace Pathway – a carefully sequenced set of Bible-based lessons available only through Veritas. 


• You'll start with the basic truths of the Gospel and

• Grow through your riches in Christ and the wonders of the Cross all the way to

Life-giving service for Christ and the Gospel. 


If you're a BEGINNER or if you've NEVER BEEN BIBLICALLY GROUNDED... Spiritual Bootcamp is for you!


Grow At Your Own Pace • Biblical • Life-Changing
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Basic Training: ORIENTATION
  • What is the Grace Pathway? (video, 42 minutes)
  • Discover theology behind this revolutionary approach to discipleship.
Basic Training 1: GOD SAVES YOU
  • RETURN to the beginning. Really get clear on the Gospel of Grace and exactly what salvation means... maybe for the first time ever!
  • VIDEO: "I'm Too [ NOT INTERESTED] for Faith" (42 minutes)
  • DOWNLOAD the booklet, Welcome to God's Family (included), for a review of the gospel and the nature of God's salvation.

Basic Training 2: GOD BLESSES YOU
  • INSTALL the Grace OS (Grace Operating System). Odds are super-strong you are doing your Christianity BACKWARDS. Here's a simple test to find out. Ask yourself how do these ideas sit with you: 1. As Christians, we don't serve God for blessing, we can only serve God from blessing. 2. God is glorified by what he does for you, not by what you do for him.
  • VIDEO: "Standing and State" (41 minutes)
  • DOWNLOAD three books (included). The three booklets in this module will give you a powerful shove in the direction of a grace-filled, God-blessed, well-grounded faith.
    Secure Forever  - Once saved, always saved. A biblical case why no believer can ever lose there salvation. 
    You're Richer Than You Think - An introduction to your riches in Christ, the most powerful grace-based teaching in Scripture for your Christian life. 
    How to Have a Quiet Time - Fueling your everyday walk with God through a simple plan for Bible reading and prayer. 
Basic Training 3: GOD GROWS YOU
  • REHAB the lies that slithered into your Christian life and are still lurking there. Since your salvation, have you ever done a systematic truth overhaul of what you believe? To serve God without growing in grace is to wear yourself out. But, when you put yourself on a pathway of spiritual growth, you become a mature believer in Christ. It is your maturity that enables you to serve God best. 
  • VIDEO: "Grace and Growth" (41 minutes)
  • DOWNLOAD three books (included). 
    Knowing God - this book introduces you to 5 attributes (qualities) of God and how they affect your life.
    The Cross - this book explores the meaning of Jesus' death on the cross, covering 6 essential doctrines of the salvation.
    Know What You Believe - this book offers an overview of the 13 most important doctrines of Christianity.
Basic Training 4: GOD USES YOU
  • IMPACT your world with GRACE and TRUTH. The end result of a pathway of spiritual growth is a lifetime of service to God and the world, that all the world may come to find the treasure we found when we found salvation in Christ. And so it begins again.

    Milestone 4 of the Grace Pathway is God Uses You. He makes your life significant for eternity. Your unique package of gifts and strengths makes you a powerful contributor to the family of faith.

  • VIDEO: "You Are God's Coming Attraction" (40 minutes)
  • DOWNLOAD 3 books (included). 
    Living and Sharing Your Faith - this book introduces you to sanctification (walking your talk) and evangelism (talking your walk)
    Discover Your Gifts - find out your spiritual gifts, take an assessment, and align your life with your God-given spiritual DNA
    Know Why You Believe - how to understand and answer the tough questions about faith and life. Why Christianity makes sense. 
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"...That we should no longer be children, tossed to and fro and carried about with every wind of doctrine..." (Ephesians 4:14)
Dr Bill Giovannetti
Hi, I'm Bill Giovannetti. For the past 40+ years, I've been a pastor AND for the last 25+ years, I've been a professor. I've written over 27 books linking theology and Christian living.
I believe God gave His Word to ALL His people. So I started Veritas School of Biblical Ministry for anyone hungering to go deeper. 
I've helped over 274 ministry volunteers and lay leaders become high impact workers for Christ and the Gospel through Veritas. I've helped tens of thousands through the churches I've led. 
Now, I will personally teach you and answer your questions along the way. You can do this! Let's go! 
Join a Growing Tribe of Everyday Bible Scholars...
"All I can say is, wow! I am excited to learn these tools to systematically interpret parts of the Bible! Even just researching the meaning of one word is going to open my eyes and heart to so much." ~Amanda W.
"Meditating on what was taught last night, the nerd in me was awakened and I am loving every minute of it!" ~Tom P.
"From Inspiration to Inerrancy and Text Criticism, my mind is seeping in the new knowledge. What a blissful place to be, I am hungry for more! Looking forward to diving in again this evening." ~Sam K.
"Great job with all the content and the presentation." ~Charlene S.
"I am just a little bit giddy, like a freshman who got an invite to the senior prom!" ~Heather K.
"I want to thank you for your teaching style, and the class!! I look forward to the next class. Addiction!" ~Kevin S.
"I am excited to start this program. I leave in January 2022 to do Muslim ministry in the southern Philippines. I am excited to grow and learn.." ~ Michael
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You CAN Do this!
Fear not, for I am with you; Be not dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you, Yes, I will help you, I will uphold you with My righteous right hand. (Isaiah 41:10)
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