Some values are always worth fighting for.
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Alpha Christians Makes Men Men Again
The darkness is advancing. A complacent Church is largely asleep. But Alpha Christians are gearing up for...
> Spiritual Warfare
> Mobilization
> Righteous, peaceful, non-violent Non-Compliance against the anti-God, anti-truth, big-government socialist agenda.
Join 100,000 men in the battle for the soul of a nation.
Alpha Christians
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Christians Manifesto
What is an Alpha Christian? A man who loves God, truth, the gospel, family, and patriotism, and who will fight for these values, even if it means he gets a bloody nose or worse.
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Start an Alpha Christians Chapter
Have some friends who see the world the way you do? Start an Alpha Christians chapter–an informal group of friends to take steps together to restore the Gospel, Family, and Patriotism in our land.
  • Open to existing groups... small groups, gun clubs, men's ministries, churches, etc... or launch a new group. 
  • Gather men to explore what makes America exceptional and to stand for it.
  • Immediate Access to our Private Social Media Page 
  • Immediate Access to our Alpha Christians Bible Study (The Grace Lineup of the Soul)
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We can't do this without your support. Pick up some great swag and spread the word about and our growing community of Alphas. 
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Make Government Limited Again
Everyone who claims Jesus Christ as Savior has been enlisted in His cosmic army of grace and truth.

Today we see the powers of darkness raging against truth, against the Gospel, against the Family, and against an honorable love of our country. Bible prophecy is being fulfilled all around us.

Every day we see...

The justification of violence in the streets.
The evaporation of a moral consensus.
The collapse of marriage and family.
The disrespect for our flag.
The loss of free speech through cancel culture.
The rise of big-government socialism.
The power of corporate technocrats to silence dissent.
The exploitation of classrooms for sexual/political ideology.
The growth of Critical Race Theory and the Woke agenda.
The collusion of a complicit mainstream media.
The defection of the Church from Scripture and truth.
The escalation of a globalist agenda and its Great Reset.

We are witnessing a flight from Reason and the death of Truth.

This is the battle we are in.

But Alpha Christians are not intimidated. We won't back down before these "giants in the land." We won't compromise. We won't bow to the idols of secular evil.

We stand in the Triumph of the Crucified One.

You are invited to join a movement of truth, courage, hope, and love. Become an Alpha Christian today.

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